MixBit 3.3.1

Create short videos with your friends

MixBit is a social network for recording and sharing videos that joins the ranks of Vine, Wopp, Instagram, and others. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Endless possibilities
  • Share to social networks
  • Save, stop, continue recording
  • Videos between one second and one hour


  • No filters or other editing tools


MixBit is a social network for recording and sharing videos that joins the ranks of Vine, Wopp, Instagram, and others.

Using MixBit, you can easily create a video from several smaller clips recorded at different times. Each clip is limited to 16 seconds, and you can link up to 256 of them. You can also share the videos to MixBit's own network or to Twitter and Facebook.

Small videos, big stories

The premise of MixBit is recording short clips between one and 16 seconds one after another up to a maximum of 256 clips, thereby forming a video from one second to one hour long.

This allows you to create a story in real-time, recording each clip at different times and generating a video to share via social networks like Twitter or Facebook and also accessible from MixBit.

Among the available recording options, MixBit can enable and disable the flash and activate the front or rear camera. A helpful message lets you know when to turn the iPhone to record in landscape, creating a higher-quality video.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

The process of recording and publishing videos MixBit goes very fast. MixBit has sacrificed the ability to edit videos to make it easy for any user to create a video from scratch in mere minutes.

Editing is limited to reordering MixBit clips and deleting those you don't like, so you can record multiple clips one after another and delete the ones you don't need later.

As precise as your iPhone

MixBit makes shooting quality video accessible to everyone. Recording is as easy as using both the front and rear cameras on your iPhone or iPad device.

MixBit guides you through the recording process so that recording, reviewing, and publishing is very fast and doesn't require much intervention on your part.

Your life in video

The days of heavy camcorders are long gone. Now in a matter of seconds, you can immortalize your everyday recordings of short videos into a meaningful story. MixBit offers all this and more, thanks to the linking of multiple clips and the ability to share videos via social networks.

MixBit is a new app that helps people create dynamic videos together. About MixBit MixBit lets you record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour—right from your mobile phone. You can also create videos without needing to shoot original content. Touch your screen anywhere and hold to record. Videos are taken in multiple clips, or “bits,” as long as 16 seconds each. A video can include as many as 256 clips. Clips are stored as independent elements but play as one seamless video. Drag and drop to rearrange, cut or delete clips, as well as save or publish, right from your phone. Check out MixBit.com to view, collect and mix videos contributed by the community. About Us MixBit is brought to you by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, co-founders of YouTube. We have always been passionate about video. We started YouTube to make it easy for everyone to share videos. Now we want to help people make great videos. We are a community of creators. We believe everyone has something interesting to say. We give people fun, intuitive tools to help them tell stories together. We think video should be a living, breathing entity and that creativity is a collaborative process. More than simply capturing brief moments in time, we help people bring stories to life.